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It is a Baptist Church Organization for Women, Girls and preschool Children devoted to teaching, promoting and supporting missions.

Purpose and Scope Of Work

1. The major purpose of the Union is to lead person to explore with growing understanding the nature, implication and evidence of God’s missionary purpose and to respond in personal commitment and active participation.

2. Personal witnessing, participation in missionary project, support of missionary efforts through prayer, bible study and contributions are the major activities usually association with the union.

3. Age-graded leadership and study materials often are used to provide guidance for groups of members ranging from older preschoolers through adults.

 In convention, the WMU desire to under gird and promote missionary plans of WMU, it cooperates with the Convention in its entire program.


The WMU helps the individual women to grow spiritually, physically, socially and economically.

1. Prayer:

The Union promotes the importance of prayer. Special emphasis is given to missionary praying. That is praying for the lost and missionaries around the world. A woman may not be able to read or write but she can pray and be of great help or value to hear church and community. A time is set aside during each meeting for praying aside we have WMU week of prayer, Baptist World Day of Prayer. Baptist Women of Africa Day of pray to mention but few.

2. Study:

The union promotes two types of study i.e. mission study and bible study.  Mission study is nothing but studying of the Bible to learn what it teaches about the call of God to mission. Members are also expected to study collectively during meetings and on individual basis. This is to equip the women for their personal and spiritual lives and the work of God.


Because of God’s goodness to His children, every woman and child should know that God requires that we give Him a tenth of our income. In order to grow in Stewardship we teach women and children to give God their talents, time and money so at meeting we give offering, pay dues etc. These monies are used for missions to help so that others in our own country and around the world may come to know Christ as Savior. Part of it is also use for the welfare of the WMU and our many activities.


Missions are not confined to other countries, but are a part of women’s daily living, because we feel that a woman can witness for Jesus Christ each day. Personal Service is promoted as an aim. Every woman should serve and witness daily. Some of the suggested activities the organization can do for personal services as a group as often as possible is to go witnessing, visit the sick, the unsaved, ministering to those who are in sorrow, cleaning the church and its compound, teaching children and also teaching the veils of alcohol, gambling, etc.


• Teach, promote and support missions

• Mobilize women for missions outreach to share the good news of Christ’s love to people in need.

• Build one another through an in reach ministry where members are nurtured.

       i. To receive the spiritual food needed and for healthy Christian growth (Ephesians 4:13)

       ii. To receive growth in both the mind and spirit (Romans 12:2)

       iii. To receive empowerment through the word of God to maintain spiritual vitality and be fruitful.

• Build a community of Christian women who would be devoted to one another in fellowship that will promote belonging, love and oneness in other to become laborers together with God.

• Mobilize, train and disciple our young women to be mature and responsible women in their churches, homes and work place.

• Mobilize, train and disciple our Girls in Action and Missionary Friends to develop into responsible teenagers.

• To empower the women to realize their potentials and to be liberated from oppression and



Women’s Missionary Society.

The women’s Missionary society is the parent organization for all women in the Church. This is made up of Women who are married or single. This parent organization has the responsibility of fostering the youth organizations. The women’s Missionary Society, Baptist Young Ladies, Acteens and Girls in Action and Missionary Friends make up what we call the women Missionary Union.


This is an auxiliary of WMU for unmarried young ladies of Seventeen years and over.

Girls in Action and Acteens (this division covers two sub age levels)

These are
i. Early adolescence – 12-14 years old
ii. Later adolescence – 15-17 years old

Sunbeam Band or Mission Friends

Primary Sunbeam Band is auxiliary for boys and girls. This division covers two subs levels

  1. The middle childhood to primary – 6-8 years old
  2. The later childhood or junior – 9-11 years old
  3. Preschooler – 3-5 years old
  4. Cradle Roll – Birth to 24 hours



An American woman designed the emblem of the Women Missionary Union in 1913. The shape is two fish heads joined together, a symbol cherished because of its use in the early days of Christianity. Fearing persecution when discovered, the followers of Christ did not needlessly disclose their faith to their enemies. It was the custom to make the design of the fish head when they met any known. The sign meant nothing to their enemies but believers recognized and identified it immediately. The symbol was also used because in the Greek language, the first letters of “Jesus Christ, Son of God, and Savior” spelt “fish.” The symbol therefore was precious to the Christians as a brief profession of their faith in the deity of Christ.

Women Missionary Union 1947, is printed around the borders, in the centre of the emblem, is a Bible opened to 1 Corinthians 3:9 “Laborers together with God” the permanent WMU watch word. Above the open Bible is a lighted torch, a symbol of the Savior who said “I am the light if the word. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” (John 8:12 NIV) The staff of the torch that extends behind and below the world suggest the wonderful strengthening, keeping and saving power of God the Father whose love is above, below and behind all who follow the light of life. The world suggests that there is no boundary for the gospel and the responsibility of Christ’s fellowers. The Women’s Missionary Union uses this emblem, with the necessary language adaptation, in many lands around the world.


The permanent watchword of the WMU is “Laborers together with God” (1 Corinthians 3:9). The watchword like the emblem is used by the Union all over the world.

To labor with God and other Christians is to proclaim the gospel of life abundant and life everlasting to all people.

A labor of love and life is both joyous and rewarding. We must work with courage and love. The significance of the word together is for members to learn to work with each other and so doing take their rightful place in the expansion of the Kingdom of God.

WMU Hymn

In 1913, Miss Fanny Heck wrote the hymn for the 25th Anniversary celebration of the WMU of the American Southern Baptist Convention.

“Come Women Wide Proclaim” since then it has become the permanent hymn of the Union all around the world. The hymn sung to the tune “Come Thou Almighty King” calls women to proclaim Salvation, to sing praises.

In this call we find the purpose of the WMU appealing out of all Christian women to witness of their Salvation and love of the Master,


Come women wide proclaim
Life though your saviour Slain
Sing ever more,
Christ God’s effulgence bright,
Christ who arose in might
Christ crowns you with light, praise and

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